Is an Outdated Electrical Panel Holding You Back?

Rely on the experts for an electrical panel upgrade in Lakewood, CO

Did you purchase an older home? Are you introducing new electrical devices to your home office? If so, it's time to get an electrical panel upgrade. Contact the experts at Adept Electric & Construction Services Inc to set up your panel. We'll handle all aspects of your installation, including setting up the meter box, updating breakers and installing ground wires.

Contact our team today to schedule your electrical panel replacement in Lakewood, CO.

Don't ignore these 4 signs

Don't ignore these 4 signs

Ignoring the signs that show you need an electrical panel upgrade could lead to an indoor fire. Call us right away if your:

  • Fuses blow
  • Lights constantly flicker
  • Electrical panel smells funny
  • Appliances aren't working properly

Our team provides electrical panel replacement services for homeowners and business owners in Lakewood, CO. Call 720-226-4052 now to set up your appointment.